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Jacob's Ladder Counseling & Wellness believes in client confidentiality and feels that insurance companies do not have the right to know the personal details of a clients life.  Therefore we do not work with insurance companies. 


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All new clients receive a complementary 45 minute consult with our counselors to establish a personalized care plan.

Jacob's Ladder Counseling & Wellness wishes everyone  a Happy Valentine's 

Are you going on a winter vacation?  Do you get sad and depressed when you return from vacation?  Jacob's Ladder can help.  Call for your free consultation! 

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    Jacob Herber has been wonderful in helping regain     my life, and sanity.  I no longer have unmanageable anxiety.  Life is GOOD AGAIN!

- Arthur K., Scranton

According to research conducted over the past 30 years, Americans continue to suffer from high rates of stress and anxiety.  

Experts suggest that an "attitude of gratitude" can help. 

Learn how you can lower your stress in just 5 minutes a day.

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