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Jacob's Ladder Counseling & Wellness

1/12/17 - We understand that you may be going through some issues in life and need someone to talk to. We know that issues such as depression & anxiety can rear their ugly heads here in Scranton, PA. That is why we are offering to you the best therapy you can get in our great city. We know that sometimes you may simply want a counselor who can consult with you about the best steps forward so you can have peace of mind and solid mental health moving forward.

We offer what other offices can't do, a free 45 minute in-home session on your first visit with us. Not only do you get the free 45 minute in-home session, we do all future sessions in the privacy and comfort of your own home as well.

When we are dealing with issues that are as private & confidential as your personal life and mental well being, we want to make sure you aren't sitting in a stressful waiting room, hoping to be called next.

Give us a call at 570-878-8786 the next time you are looking for someone who can help with depression in Scranton or anxiety in Scranton and we will call you back within 3 hours.