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Jacob's Ladder Counseling & Wellness

Anxiety - Everyone feels differently about the stresses they live with day to day or the upcoming stresses in their life that they may not realize is causing anxiety.

Alcohol or Substance Use - Alcohol and/or substance abuse affects more than just the user. It can cause problems at home, on the job and generally is a negative factor in every facet of life.

Depression/Sadness - Are you experiencing symptoms of depression? Do you know what to look for? Are you just feeling down and out and would like an expert opinion? We are here to help.

Bi-Polar -​ Bi-polar disorder is a mental disorder that is marked with alternating periods of joy, depression and causes unsual shifts in your personality on a day to day basis.

Adoloscents - An often overlooked section of the health and wellness sector that faces the same challenges mentally & emotionally that adults struggle with.

Adults - Mental & physical wellness is important to your ability to live the most full life possible for you.

Preventive Mental Health Care -​ You can mitigate and sometimes prevent the risks of developing mental health problems if they are diagnosed ahead of time.

Court Mandated - We offer comprehensive and recovery oriented mental health assessments and sessions for involuntary mental health assignments.